What is an Allergy ID Card?

Alert others to your allergy or medical condition and protect yourself with the Allergy ID Card.


Who uses the card?

Allergy ID Cards are perfect for Kids + Adults + Seniors or anyone with allergies or medical conditions. Allergy ID Cards are also useful for people that are hearing impaired, non-verbal, autistic, special needs, or who take medications.


Where and who do you show the Allergy ID Card?

Show your Allergy ID Card to alert servers, chefs, bartenders, or staff members when ordering at restaurants or when traveling. Convenient to use in hotels, schools, camps, daycare, and even on play-dates or sleepovers. Easily alert teachers, nurses, caregivers, first-responders or medical professionals to your allergy or medical condition.


Are custom Allergy ID Cards available?

Yes! Custom Allergy ID Cards are available! Choose from over 400 allergies to create a custom card specific to your needs, or list your medications and dosages, doctor contact and emergency information.


How many cards are available?

Over 50 Allergy cards are currently available, as well as custom cards for your specific needs.


Is the Allergy card waterproof?



What is the card made of?

Durable, high impact plastic, just like your credit card.


Where do you keep the card?

Easily fits in your wallet, purse, or backpack.


Where are the cards produced?

Houston, Texas.


Where can I buy the card?

AllergyIDcard.com, Etsy.com, Walmart.com, eBay, Facebook, Google and other sites.