My Allergies – Option

Variations for Back of Card
When you are purchasing an Allergy ID Card, you can customize what comes on each side of the card. There is a drop-down menu at the top of each Allergy ID Card page that shows the options. Take a look at the Asthma Emergency card page as an example. When you select “Choose an option” the drop-down menu will appear.


Back of Card Variation Options include:
AID CARD logo – $13 – The standard back of the card with the AID Card logo
Travel Card – $14 – Like the standard back, however the logo has a vertical orientation and comes with keyring and clasp.
ICE Blank – $19 – In Case Of Emergency card, left blank for you to fill in your information
ICE Custom – $19 – In Case Of Emergency card, professionally printed by Allergy ID Card with your information
My Medications – $19 – Your personalized list of medications printed on the card
My Allergies – $19 – Your personalized list of medications printed on the card

Personalizing your Card
Allergy ID Card will professionally print the card with your personalized allergy information on it. Simply email us what you want to appear, and we will get it on there for you. See below about ordering your card.


When you select the My Allergies option, you can choose from over 400 allergies and list up to 36 on the card. There is space for 4 columns across, with up to 9 allergies in each column. Or you can have as few allergies listed as you like. This card is completely custom and you can have whatever you like printed on it. Take a look at this example:

Ordering Your Card
When you order this card, email us:
Your Order Number
Your Name
Your Email Address
List the allergies you would like to appear.
Please make sure to check your spelling.
Limit 9 lines per column. Limit 4 columns. Limit 9 allergies per column.
Contact us if you need more lines or space.

Allergy ID Cards are printed on durable high-impact plastic, just like credit cards.
Allergy ID Cards are waterproof.
Allergy ID Cards are made in Texas, USA.

This is a great gift idea.